Feeling stuck in your business?

We'll get you unstuck!

A brand strategy session is perfect for working yourself out of a business rut. During our 90 minute session together, we can dive into anything from marketing strategy plans, simplifying sales funnels, amplifying your brand, and more.

Owner + Brand Strategist

Brand Strategy Consulting

90 minute sessions focused on brand development and growth

$350 per session

Non-sugar coated, but compassionate.

“I’m coming to you for advice because I know you’ll tell it to me straight.”

A phrase I hear time and time again from both clients and friends alike.

I work with small businesses to brainstorm all the ways to make your brand stand out in the best way, because I’m a sucker for all the little details. From the first time someone lands on your business all the way to when they’re finished working with you.

From marketing strategies to visual production ideas, I’m here to help you amplify your business!

The goal is to have people still bragging about the experience years down the road and recommending your company to others.

some of the areas we can focus on:


I’ll look through all of your current platforms to see what is going well and where you might be missing the mark.


We’ll go over everything you do for clients, from forms, emails, package delivery, etc. and ways in which things can be improved to stand out.


Are there areas of your business where the branding is a little off? We’ll dive into areas that could be causing confusion.


We’ll look into the ways that you can start making those big business dreams become a reality.

The Receipts (as the people say...)